Game Types

There are a number of great paintball games available that require different skill sets. From team based games that require you to defend or capture an area or flag, to individual games where it’s every man (or woman) for himself or herself, paintball offers a rewarding experience. Even if you have never played before, once you get that rush, you will want to come back again and again.

Are you interested in learning more about the different styles of paintball games?
We prefer the following types:

2 Flag

Each team has a flag which they must protect while attempting to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own flag pole.

Center Flag

Like 2 Flag, except there is only one flag that both teams are attempting to capture. Once the flag is taken, the team must hang it on the opposite team’s pole.

Reversible 2 Flag

Just like 2 Flag, except instead of hanging the flag on your own team’s flag pole, you must hang the flag on the opposite team’s pole.

Attack and Defend

One team defends an area, while the other team tries to attack them and clear them out.

Total Elimination

Each team plays with the goal of being the last man standing. Your team wins when the other team is completely eliminated from the field.


Teams are divided into two squads each so that there are a total of four squads. Each squad starts in a corner of the field and attempts to take possession of the center flag.
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